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Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning (EPCC)

Country: Francia

Client: Total Raffinage France

Status: Ongoing

Projects Highlights

 700 tons

HDT reactor

40,000 b/d


The objective of HORIZON Project is to increase the capacity of Donges Refinery.

The ISBL mainly consists in a VGO Hydrotreatment Unit and a double stage sour water stripper (SWS). The design criteria is based on a throughput of the HDT-VGO Unit of 254t/H.

The SWS unit has been designed to process 29243 Kg/h of sour water.

Project also includes the construction of a technical building including Electrical Sub Station (HS54) and Instrument Technical Room (HC93)

The new unit will be constructed on a dedicated brownfield area in the refinery, immediately on the south-west side of the existing FCC unit.

The Project foresee the implementation of TOTAL “Digital Plant” Program aimed to create a Digital twin of the asset: organized, structured and consistent set of 1D, 2D, 3D data for 3D Models, Intelligent 2D schematics, Tags & Attributes Repository, etc. and for the digital representation of the physical asset. DP Program is applied for the first time worldwide on a significant size plant.

Due to the equipment weight (700 tons), the reactor D-9001 can only reach HDT-VGO Unit crossing the TGV railway line passing thru Donges refinery, which will be interrupted in a pre-defined weekend (27-28 November 2021) for 20 hours max, including 12 hours for catenary removal by SNCF.