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New Delayed Coking Unit Complex for the Rijeka Refinery

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Country: Croazia

Client: INA - Industrija Nafte d.d.

Status: Ongoing

Project highlights

 103 t/h


 7,643 t/d

Revamp HCU

Best Available Technology (BAT) implemented to minimize fugitive emissions

 95 t/d


Many activities executed during the refinery general shut down
The conversion of heavy residues increases the production of light and middle distillates and completely eliminates the production of fuel oil with a high sulfur content
Execution of the area of coke pit with application of technical solutions which prevent expansion of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and particles outside the pit
Project designed to comply with the requisites “water protection measures” set forth in the environmental decision


The New Delayed Coking Unit Complex Project aims to complete an Upgrade Refinery Project at Rijeka (Croatia).

The Scope of Work relates to the execution of engineering, procurement of all equipment and materials, construction and erection work for a new Delayed Coking Unit (DCU) with coke handling and ship loading, Sour Water Stripper, Amine Recovery units and the revamping of Hydrocracker (HCU), Sulphur Recovery (SRU), and Utilities & Offsites units.

The works shall require installation of new units and modifications of the existing facilities/plants inside the refinery complex. The nature of works is divided into Greenfield works and Brownfield works. Several activities, as revamping of HCU, will be executed during the refinery general shut down. 

Project Challenges

  • The project is a mix of complexity and engineering challenges, ranging from debottlenecking of existing units up to the grassroot implementation of new ones.
  • It involves the latest solutions for coke storage and sea jetty construction, as well as the erection of more than 600 meters long pipe conveyor for transferring coke from Delayed Coker Unit to port area.
  • Very challenging layout considering the configuration of the Refinery built on the side of the cliff on multiple terraces and elevation with new units located on many different terraces and levels.