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Burgas Refinery FCC Unit Revamping

Scope of work: Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Country: Bulgaria

Client: Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD

Status: Ongoing

Project highlights

250 t/d


Execution of activities inside a congested area 
Short time available to perform the work 

The Client is Lukoil Neftochim Burgas (LNB), a Company of Lukoil Group.

The Scope of Work consists of the revamping of the Reactor and Regenerator section of the LNB FCC Unit.
The License is provided by UOP, who took over and upgraded the original Russian design of this FCC Unit built in the ‘80s of last century.

The main activities in KT Scope are: replacement of Reactor and Regenerator Heads; replacement of all Rx and Rg internals; replacement of Rx and Rg refractories; installation of a new Regenerator Air Compressor Upgrade of Regen and Air Heating system.

The Revamping will allow the increase of Unit performances and will support strategically the future investment plans of Lukoil in the Refinery.