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Hydrogen Production Unit Egypt

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement (EP)

Country: Egitto

Client: GS/ERC

Status: Completed

Project highlights

100,000 Nm3/h


162 t/d

3 Claus

325 t/d


325 t/d


Partial Modular execution strategy to minimize construction activities at site
Recovery of Refinery Off-Gas

The increased demand for lighter petroleum products is one of the most important challenges Egypt’s oil and gas industry faces. To address Egypt’s increasing need, the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) was in charge to upgrade the existing CORC Refinery in Mostorod to provide Egypt with additional lighter petroleum products. For this very important project, KT has been selected to provide License, BEDP and then EP activities for the new Hydrogen Production and Sulphur Recovery Units. The Hydrogen Production Unit has designed to produce high purity hydrogen (99,9 % vol. minimum) by considering different operating modes. Plant shall be operated using 100% Natural Gas as primary feedstock, having the flexibility to use Purge Gas from HCU as supplementary feedstock and to recover Hydrogen from CCR Unit, mixed to syngas upstream PSA unit, in order to perform design plant production capacity. The units have been designed, fabricated and partially modularized (SRU) in order to minimize construction activities at site. ERC’s Mission is to design, build and operate a world class refining facility which operates safely and responsibly toward the environment and the community, and efficiently produces quality products to create value for all the Project Stakeholders.