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Recovery process of Pd-Ag based membrane for hydrogen (HYRPAM)

Scope of work: Engineering

Country: Italia

Client: Funded by Regione Lazio

Status: Completed

Project highlights



Tests realized in a Pilot Plant

The objective of the project was to develop innovative hydrometallurgical processes to perform the recovery of noble metals like Pd and Ag from membrane used for hydrogen separation enabling a recycle and efficient re-use of all components of the membrane. The R&D project is based on the idea to reduce the costs for the membrane fabrication, minimizing also environmental impact of used membrane related to their conventional disposal facilitating the industrial acceptance of the novel technology.

The project was developed in the framework of specific R&D activities carried out by KT in the last ten years in the field of catalytic membrane reactors for hydrogen production. 

The feasibility of the option has been tested in a pilot plant using a reactor specifically designed for the leaching of the noble metals, leaving at the same time the metallic support of the Pd-Ag layer undamaged. The materials can be reused in a new production cycle. 

This project is full in compliance with the circular economy concept.

The project was funded by Regione Lazio. It was started in 2014 and concluded in 2015. The Project accounted for 5 Industrial Partners plus University “La Sapienza” of Rome as Research Organization. KT – Kinetics Technology was the Project Coordinator.

Regione Lazio is gratefully acknowledged for the financial support