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Sulphur Recovery Unit Thailand

Scope of work: Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP)

Country: Tailandia

Client: Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Co.

Status: Completed

Project highlights

1 x 50 t/d


Proprietary DeNOx technology
MDEA solvent

Environment responsibility is one of the crucial aspects of Bangchak Refinery due to its location inside the city of Bangkok. KT proprietary technology and know-how has been selected to minimize refinery emissions to atmosphere. BEDP for 50 t/d Sulphur Recovery Unit based on KT Modified Claus Process and BEDP for a 65 t/d Tail Gas Treatment Unit based on KT R.A.R.TM proprietary Tail Gas Treatment process have been supplied to Bangchak Refinery. The unit is also equipped with KT Proprietary De-NOx technology for Thermal Incinerator to reduce NOx emissions at minimum level. This was a specific Client to comply with very stringent environmental regulation in force in the refinery. Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited is a Thai energy company engaging in business alongside social and environmental stewardship. Its core business - petroleum refining - spans procurement of crude oil from domestic and overseas sources and refining it into various standard products.