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Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment Unit Turkey

Scope of work: License and Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP)

Country: Turchia

Client: Foster Wheeler Italiana / Star Rafineri A.Ş.

Status: Completed

Project highlights

2 x 365 t/d


1 x 487 t/d


Formulated amine
World Bank Regulations
Enriched Air Operation

STAR Refinery’s project financing is the largest-size and longest-term loan deal Turkey has closed to date. It is also defined as one of the biggest oil and gas project financing operations in the EMEA (Europe- Middle East& Africa) Region of 2014.

The technology selected for the Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment is based on integration of KT Modified Claus Process with KT R.A.R. TM proprietary Tail Gas Treatment process.

BEDP first issue was based on the request to achieve a Sulphur Recovery Efficiency (SRE) of 99.9% min. In order to further reduce the emissions following the regulation imposed by Word Bank, Star requested KT to review the BEDP. The final configuration foresees the use of our proprietary and innovative unit design/arrangement capable to achieve an SO2 content in the flue gas from SRU Incinerators not higher than 150 mg/Nm3. Special formulated solvent and Enriched Air with pure oxygen is also foreseen.

STAR Refinery, foundation of which was laid in 2011, is currently under construction on a 2,400-hectare site on Aliağa Peninsula. With a crude oil processing capacity of 10 million tons, STAR Refinery is underway as the most critical component of SOCAR Turkey’s integrated energy solutions and value chain.