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Mild Hydrocracker Unit Italy

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Country: Italia

Client: IPLOM

Status: Completed

Project highlights

10,000 BBLD


lighter and higher quality products

The Iplom Refinery in Busalla is located at about 30 km from the port of Genoa. The refinery has a crude capacity of about 2 million metric tons per year. IPLOM has developed a medium pressure hydro conversion project to treat light and heavy gasoil coming from existing vacuum unit, to produce sulphur free lighter products and reduce the heavy fuel oil production. The project included the construction of a Mild Hydrocracker and a Hydrogen Unit, in addition to a major revamping of the refinery utilities and infrastructures. The aim of the Mild Hydrocracking Unit is to obtain lighter and higher quality products, by a catalytic cracking reaction in pressure of hydrogen, at an operating pressure of about 100 bars, starting from a vacuum gasoil feed. The reaction section of the unit was licensed by Shell Global Solutions International B.V., while the fractionation section has been designed by KT. The required fresh hydrogen make-up is produced in the dedicated hydrogen production unit fully designed by KT.