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Hydrogen Production Unit Croatia

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Country: Croazia

Client: INA Industija Nafte DD

Status: Completed

Project highlights

81,000 NM3/h


Recovery of Refinery Off-Gas
Hydrogen Management

The HPU has been designed to supply high purity hydrogen to the Hydrocracker Complex with a capacity of 81,000 Nm3/h by considering Natural Gas as feed and fuel. Additional high purity hydrogen will be recovered by off-gases coming from Hydrocraker Unit. The off gases are combined with low purity hydrogen effluent of the hydrogen generation unit (syngas) and sent to the common purification section (PSA unit). Final arrangement (i.e. injection point of off-gasses) has been decided after a sensitivity analysis based on minimum OPEX/CAPEX evaluation of different process schemes.
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