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In 1971, we were a group of engineers passionate about chemistry that wanted to design large systems and make advancements in technology. Today, we are KT – Kinetics Technology, an international process engineering contractor part of Maire Tecnimont Group.


KT - Kinetics Technology is established under the name of Selas Italia, when a group of managers decides to dedicate themselves to chemical engineering contracting. They also become shareholders of the new company: one of the first examples in Europe of Employee-Owned Company.


The company changes its name to Kinetics Technology International (KTI). Kinetics is referred to high temperature technologies as well as to agility and change; Technology is the key element of company’s strategy; International because of the international character of market, staff and operating centers.


KTI is acquired by Mannesmann Group which divides the activities into three operational centers: one in The Netherlands, for large plants, one in Rome for the furnaces and heat transfer, small-scale hydrogen and sulfur lines, one in California to follow the U.S. market.


Technip Italy acquires 100% of KTI SpA changing the name in Technip KTI.


Management Buy-out. 75% of the Company is acquired by its Management. The remaining 25% is owned by Technip Italy.


Maire Tecnimont acquires the 100% of Technip KTI SpA changing its name in Tecnimont KT.


The Company changes its name into KT – Kinetics Technology to highlight company historical identity.

Last update: 19/01/2024 11:15