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Technology Development

We continuously focus on the development of our core proprietary and innovative novel technologies in order to strengthen our position as Technology Provider, Licensor and EPC Contractor in the petroleum refining, Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and Fertilizer industry.

The challenging mission is to use our proprietary Core and Novel Technologies to define and impose new KPIs for the market. The mandate of Technology Development is to develop a series of research projects in order to accelerate the deployment of new technologies in core sectors/areas as well as in the advanced/emerging areas.

Sustainability is the common denominator of a large part of our research and technology development activities, being KT a Process Engineering Company strongly committed to creating new industrial standards capable of minimizing energy consumption and environmental impacts.

SRU 2.0: KT SOAPTM is a new concept of SRU, based on the use of an Innovative Process, an Innovative Proprietary Catalyst and new process architecture for the treatment of Sour Gases feedstock.

The driver of KT SOAPTM TD&R is the idea of taking advantage of the potential economic value of H2S when H2 is produced in addition to Sulphur. The Novel Process allows the cracking of H2S into Hydrogen and Sulphur utilizing KT SOAPTM Proprietary Catalyst.

In the field of hydrogen production via steam reforming, KT is developing an innovative reformer to considerably reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, by means of internal heat recovery and the adoption of an enhanced next-generation of catalytic section.

With this architecture and the decrease in fuel consumption, we can avoid steam export. This innovative architecture makes this type of steam reformer very suitable for small/ medium capacity, where export steam production is very often not required, with the advantage of simplified plant arrangement, lower OPEX and CAPEX.

This new compact design is specifically selected for modular construction to minimize the time to market. The integration of KT SOAPTM Process with KT R.A.R.TM Process, the BAT for SRU, sets a new Sulphur Recovery Configuration and makes it possible to achieve the goal of “Zero Emissions” into the atmosphere.

KT is an excellence in the design and operation of innovative pilot plants based on the novel catalytic membrane reactor technology.

KT is optimizing such technology for different application areas, primarily where energy saving and CO2 emissions still represent a major concern. Pure hydrogen production, Gas-To-liquid processes, selective alkanes dehydrogenation are major energy intensive processes for the hydrocarbon industry. KT effort is to boost the use of membrane reactor technology to achieve plant compactness, reduction of CAPEX, OPEX and environmental impacts.

In the field of hydrogen production, we are focusing on distributed hydrogen production, addressing the design of small units for syngas/pure hydrogen production characterized by smart heat integration and fast start-up for decentralized applications.

The flexibility of the system is also specific for the treatment of biogas feedstock for the production of bio-hydrogen and for the upgrading of plants from bio-gas to power, to bio-gas to chemicals.

Last update: 19/01/2024 11:51