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Technology development & research

Creating value for our company, clients and communities

Our approach

Our approach is based on the continuous search for new ideas, upgrading and new uses of our proprietary technologies

Technology validation

Technology Validation represents an important milestone to move from an innovative idea to real implementation and commercialization of a novel technology.

Technology & research park

The industrial and entrepreneurial vision of TD&R we've promoted for the last 15 years led to the creation of a unique technological asset: our Technology & Research Park, a European center of excellence for validation and demonstration of novel technologies, new ideas, and technological networking.

Technology development

We continuously focus on the development of our core proprietary and innovative novel technologies in order to strengthen our position as Technology Provider, Licensor and EPC Contractor in the petroleum refining, Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and Fertilizer industry.

Innovation & technology digital solutions

Our strong attitude to be market driven in innovation and TD&R is boosting us to take the challenge of the revolutionary idea of Industry 4.0 for digitalization of manufacturing and creation of digital innovative smart solutions, to increase plant productivity and improve safety on the job.

Last update: 19/01/2024 11:35