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Among KT's excellences, an important role is played by long standing and historical collaborations with the most prestigious Italian and foreign Universities and Research Centers, both for the development of innovative research projects, and for a fruitful exchange between the academic and industrial world.

Many students, interested in the distinctive business of the company and the concrete application of what they learned during their studies, collaborate with KT, particularly for their graduate thesis that can be developed inside the company thanks to specific requests.

This opportunity proves a real hands-on training experience during which the university students are supported and assisted by company professionals, consolidating the acquired knowledge during their studies, and contributing to the development of concrete projects.

These synergies aim to foster the dialogue between universities and professional landscape through the transfer of technical and scientific knowledge, developed in top research centers through a mutual and continuous exchange between academic world and the company.

Last update: 21/01/2024 08:59