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Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e

KT collaborates with the research group “Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors, Sustainable Process Engineering” of the faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) since 2016 in the framework of the EU Projects PROMECA and MEMBER.

The TU/e research group has years of experience in membrane processes, membrane production and characterization, integrated reactor development, prototyping and energy analysis. Taking benefit from this collaboration, KT is reinforcing its position in membrane reactor technology, to demonstrate the applicability of the novel solution to the market.

The strong collaboration is also mirrored in the internship programmes for master thesis students, and the Technological Designer Training (PD-Eng) for PhD students. In this framework, TU/e students spend a training period at the KT premises, applying their competences in chemical engineering in a professional working environment. This unique learning experience also brings progresses in communication, and result orientation skills. The collaboration definitely demonstrates KT's multicultural tradition.

Last update: 20/01/2024 11:17