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Campus Bio-Medico

Since 2011, the Maire Tecnimont Group, through KT, collaborates with the Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome, providing concrete support for the Master’s Degree course in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development through two specific courses: “Strategies for Technological Innovation” and “Analysis and Simulation of Industrial Chemical Processes”. The aim of both courses is to diffuse the corporate culture through specific seminars delivered by managers and professionals from the Maire Tecnimont Group, to support the alternation between classroom lectures and business training; as well as to offer the students curricular internships. In addition, each course provides practical suggestions directly from the business and industry to guide students in shaping their professional profiles.

In the last years KT and NextChem (formerly Processi Innovativi) and Campus Bio-Medico have cooperated in the project named CoMETHy (Compact Multifuel-Energy To Hydrogen converter), funded by European Union in the Seventh Framework program. They have specifically been involved in the development of a compact membrane reactor for steam reforming of natural gas and/or bioethanol, filled with a new generation catalyst and powered by molten salts.

In collaboration with Campus Bio-Medico and the University of Messina, the “CO2: A Valuable Source of Carbon” book was published in 2013 by Springer, for reuse of carbon dioxide in the field of chemical processes.

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