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HSE & SA Leader

KT upholds the importance of health and welfare of the individuals, safety of industrial plants, and protection of the environment as essential corporate objectives, following the lead of the Maire Tecnimont Group.
The Group's HSE & SA8000 Management System applies to the main operating companies ISO 14001 certified for environmental management, ISO 45001 for the health and safety of workers and SA8000 for social accountability and respect of human rights.
KT is strongly convinced that training people is the most important preventive action to preserve safety during working activity. Elaborating and defining well customized training courses for each project and each working premise is essential to enforce HSE and SA concept. 


KT - Kinetics Technology is carrying out four refining units in the frame of the EFRA Project, which relates to the expansion of the Gdansk refinery of Grupa LOTOS, the second oil company in Poland. KT’s scope entails a Delayed Coking Unit (DCU), a Hydrogen Production Unit, a Naphta Hydrotreater Unit and a Hydrowax Vacuum Distillation Unit to be carried out on a turn-key basis. 
The DCU is the last link of the refining chain, and processes the so called "Bottom of the Barrel” since its final products are light distillates and petroleum coke (Pet Coke). This unit represents the core of the project both on an economic and technical standpoint. KT’s works will enable the refinery to improve output efficiency as well as mitigate environmental impacts.

The HSE & SA8000 Policies adopted for this project are based on continuous training sessions, from the very first induction to the specific courses for particular tasks.
All the working tasks are managed with the planning of “Safety method statements” to perform good installations, application of environmental rules to keep construction areas clean, preserving them from uncontrolled spillages and waste, and providing emergency procedures to be ready in case of any event. 
This project is characterized by a large number of mobilized workforce (over 10.000 labors since project started, and 1200 daily presences at its peak), that received intensive HSE training. In order to keep high level of knowledge and safe behavior, toolbox meetings discussing about HSE are organized daily, every morning, amongst all workers. 

HSE Management System

To learn more about the HSE Management System that established Maire Tecnimont as leader in the industry, visit our corporate website

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