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Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment Units Saudi Arabia

Scope of work: License, Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) and FEED

Country: Saudi Arabia

Client: Technip / SATORP

Status: Completed

Project highlights

3 x 430 t/d


3 x 430 t/d


Demanding Client

One of the most advanced refinery and one of the most demanding Clients (i.e. Saudi Aramco and Total S.A.) in the word. This is the frame in which KT has been selected to provide License, BEDP and FEED for 3 trains x 430 t/d Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treatment Units for the first plant in SA with a maximum SO2 content in the flue gas from SRU Incinerators not higher than 250 ppm vol. at zero percent oxygen on dry basis. The possibility to operate with enriched air has been also considered during the project. Relevant facilities for future installation have been also included in the design.

The goal is achieved utilizing a plant configuration based on KT Modified Claus process followed by KT R.A.R.TM proprietary Tail Gas Treatment process.

SATORP (JV of Total SA and Saudi Aramco) is a world-class refinery started operation in June 2014. The environmentally friendly that Jubail Refinery is producing a high proportion of white products from heavy crude oil makes of this refinery is one of the most advanced refinery in the world.