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MOH Corinth Refinery C3 Splitter Project

Scope of work: EPCm

Country: Greece

Client: Motor Oil Hellas (MOH)


Project highlights


18 t/h Design Capacity


4000 tons of Overall operating storage capacity

The contract relates to the execution of a new Propane/Propylene Splitter Unit to separate the propane/propylene mixture coming from the existing fluid catalytic cracking unit and to produce Propylene Polymer Grade, one of the most important building blocks for the entire chemical industry. Part of the scope of work will be also a new Propylene semi-pressurized Storage System to store the Polymer Grade Propylene product coming from the new C3 Splitter Unit.

The Corinth Refinery is among the most complex refineries of its kind in Europe and processes crude oil of various characteristics to produce a full range of high-end products.
MOH is planning the expansion of the existing Corinth Refinery with the aim to increase the production of refinery valuable product.The contract's scope of work includes full engineering activities and supply of all materials and equipment as well as construction supervision services, while construction activities will be carried out by subcontractors directly selected by the client, under KT - Kinetics Technology’s responsibility and management.