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In the Refining sector, KT can provide the full range of services from the feasibility study, aimed to provide client with a preliminary indications of the investment’s attractiveness; to the complete development of the plant, including the start-up and the first operations. We also have decades of experience in revamping projects. Our wide range of experience enable us to respond to all client needs finding tailor-made solutions to reduce the installation period at the site, plant modularization and minimizing the overall project schedule, through a fast track approach.

Plant modularization

We have executed several projects in which the units were designed as modularized. This approach is typically taken into account and might be preferred when the construction site is affected by specific conditions that bound to minimize the site activities, such as:

- Extreme weather conditions
- Site located in remote areas with lack of nearby infrastructures
- Unavailability or shortage of utilities at site
- Lack of qualified local workforce
- Serious limitation of plant area availability surrounded by existing facilities in operation 

Depending also on the specific situation, different degrees of modularization can be selected.

All project phases, not only construction, are affected by the selection of the modularization approach, which requires:

- A specific Engineering design since the Front End and in the Detailed Engineering Phase, with a clear definition of the extent of modularization
- An accurate Procurement Plan aimed to feed materials/equipment to the Modularization Workshop at the right time, and schedule the delivery of modules at site considering any potential transportation limits

Fast track approach

The Fast Track approach is a great way to bring value to our clients. This can be deployed in two main directions:

1.    Shorten the time required to arrive to the EPC Phase Start
This consists in switching from the standard Project Execution path (FEED Bid + FEED + EPC Bid + EPC) to the alternative approach FEED/Competitive FEED + Open Book Estimate + EPC

2.    Reduce the EPC Phase of the project
This approach can be very effective in case of the re-use at the maximum possible extent of the engineering available from previous similar executed plants