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Hydrogen Production Unit Russia

Scope of work: Basic Design, EPC, Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up supervision

Country: Russia

Client: JSC Gazpromneft– Omsk Refinery

Status: Completed

Project highlights

99.9% vol.

pure Hydrogen

15,500 Nm3/h


Just 17 months from EP Contract to modules and loose materials delivery
Piping prefabrication
Process Modules Fabrication to maximize the road transportability

The scope of work of the project included the design, procurement, fabrication and installation of different items: no. 2 new heaters built adjacent to the existing ones, civil works for pre-assembly areas, and equipment foundations (fan and Air pre-heater ground mounted), piping works, instrumentation works including field and DCS/ESD system in MCR, electrical work including lighting, power supply from/to local boxes/boards, removal of existing heaters and replacing with the new ones.
The construction strategy was based on replacing the old heaters with the new ones, by using the existing foundations. Existing heaters have been jacked up and extracted from foundations by skidding or equivalent system, and left beside the actual plot area, leaving sufficient spaces for insertion of new heaters. Afterwards the new pre-assembled heaters have been moved with the same system and jacked down on foundations.