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Hydrogen Production Unit Russia

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement (EP)

Country: Russia

Client: Lukoil Permnefteorgsintez

Status: Completed

Project highlights

40,000 Nm3/h


minimizing the raw materials and utilities consumptions for the maximum plant efficiency


process skids

modular execution strategy

Throughout a detailed constructability study the entire plant was modularized and consists of 10 process skids. On each skid the equipment and relevant piping and instrumentation have been installed in order to minimize the erection activities at site. The steam reformer has been installed directly at site with the erection section in 3 pieces and the PSA package with all control valves on one skid. KT performed the study for the interconnection between hydrogen plant and pipelines of the refinery and for interconnection between compressors building and KT plant area. KT performed also the civil engineering study although the construction is out of the scope of supply in order to provide the Client entire set of engineering documents necessary for a fast start-up of construction activities. 
The design philosophy adopted has been oriented to minimize the raw materials and utilities consumption in order to achieve the maximum plant efficiency for both operating cases with hydrocarbon gas and natural gas feeds, obtaining also a valuable amount of steam export with no need for any steam import. 
The plant configuration has been optimized against the variable feedstock scenarios providing the technical solutions for a modular execution strategy according to logistic constraints, and the severe climatic condition due to the lower temperature (lower than -40°C) that could be reached during operation of the plant.