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Hydrogen Production Unit Italy

Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Country: Italy

Client: IPLOM

Status: Completed

Project highlights

1,400 t/d vacuum gasoil


The Iplom Refinery in Busalla is located at about 30 km from the port of Genoa. The refinery has a crude capacity of about 2 million metric tons per year. IPLOM has developed a medium pressure Hydro conversion project to treat light and heavy gasoil coming from existing vacuum unit, to produce sulphur free lighter products with the goal to modulate heavy fuel oil production. The project included the construction of a Mild Hydrocracker Unit and a Hydrogen Production Unit, in addition to a major revamping of the refinery utilities and infrastructures. 
Scope of work for the EPC contract was to build the two process units. The Hydrogen Production Unit is designed to supply high purity hydrogen to the Refinery by means of steam reformer technology, using Natural Gas and Refinery Off Gas as plant feed. 
The feed from the battery limit is compressed, mixed with a fixed rate of recycle hydrogen and sent to the hydrodesulphurization section where the sulphur is removed.
The treated gas is mixed with process steam and sent to the reformer where hydrogen is produced. Further hydrogen is produced in the following high temperature conversion reactor and the H2 rich gas (syngas) is cooled down, recovering heat for steam generation. High purity hydrogen is obtained from syngas in the PSA purification unit and sent to the battery limit. Purge gas from PSA is used as main fuel to supply heat for steam reforming reaction. Heat recovery from high temperature flue gas is used in the convection section for process duties and steam generation. The high-pressure steam production exceeds the reformer process steam requirement and there is a net export of steam to the refinery steam network.