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Hydrogen & Syngas production

We are a leading company in providing hydrogen production units based on steam reforming (SR) technology, Top Fired Configuration.

We are committed to technology development and customer satisfaction through: Design for Reliability, Design for low environmental impact and Design for Easy Capacity Increase. 

The Hydrogen Production Units by SR are customized in consideration of Type of HC feed, available utilities, need for feed flexibility, export steam requirements, optional operations (power generation, CO2 recovery); optimized for a minimum Hydrogen production cost by evaluating optional architectures (pre-reforming, HT/MT/LT Shift, APH) and economic backgrounds (cost of feed, fuel, export steam value, power value, CO2 value).

We are also skilled in Hydrogen Management Services by the recovery of hydrogen from off gases and Debottlenecking by revamping of the unit.

Over 60 hydrogen and syngas projects designed/built worldwide.

Well recognized player in licensing hydrogen technology, with single train capacity up to 188,000Nm3/h.