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Fired Heaters

With proprietary technology and know-how, KT is a qualified and referenced supplier of fired heaters since 1971. We can supply process, detailed mechanical design and all required materials; revamping, debottlenecking and after, sales services with full plant life cycle support.

For years, we have implemented many installations in all Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical fields, and supplied a full range of furnaces: from most simple cylindrical hot oil heaters, to large topping or vacuum furnaces, advanced ethylene crackers, complex design process gas heaters, delayed cokers, and large steam reformers for Syngas production (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol). Moreover, KT is the world leader in supplying technologically advanced Reaction Furnaces such as EDC Cracking and Ketene Cracking furnaces.

We uphold a leadership position by constantly improving efficiencies and emissions control systems. In recent years, KT has developed a specific know-how for the EPC supply of heater modification for unit debottlenecking, within the very short period available during unit shut-down. Finally, it has supplied several waste heat boilers on flue gas from different sources (heaters, gas turbines and incinerators), CO Boilers, and emission reduction units.

Approved Supplier of major World Players such as Aramco, Bechtel (ThruPlus® Technology Furnaces), KBR (Ammonia Reformers), Sasol and many others.