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Following the start-up of the Naphta Hydrotreater and Platforming units carried out during the past August and a period of fine tuning of Plant operation, the route to Project completion continue with the Performance test. A joint team made by ENI, Sonangol and KT experts pushed the plant to its performance limits and confirmed capability to achieve the target values during a 3 days continuous test. Both plant capacity and products quality targets were successfully met.

The result has been possible thanks to the full commitment of KT in expediting the start of operation of the Plant and the full co-operation received both from ENI and Sonangol colleagues to make it happen.

The test has been completed on past 15th October and the Project Teams celebrated the achievement of this important milestone by installing in the new plant a plate with ENI, Sonangol and KT logos to keep memory of this challenging journey.

This is a tangible sign of mutual appreciation for the results of this experience and confirm, once again, “One Team” approach can overtake any unexpected obstacle!