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A step forward for KT in the frame of Delayed Coking project for INA Industrija Nafte in Croatia

The massive equipment, no. 2 coke drums and 1 coke fractionator, safely reached the INA Rijeka Refinery, in Croatia, after a complex four-stage transport by ship, barge and wheels!

They will be soon erected on their foundations once all the previous construction activities will be completed. KT is currently implementing a new Delayed Coking Complex in the Rijeka Refinery, in the frame of a complex Refinery Upgrade project.

The scope of work includes the execution of engineering, the procurement of all equipment and materials, the construction and erection works of the plant including coke handling and ship loading, Sour Water Stripper, Amine Recovery units and the revamping of Hydrocracker, Sulphur Recovery, and Utilities & Offsites units.

The Project is a mix of complexity and engineering challenges, ranging from debottlenecking of existing units up to the grassroot implementation of new ones. It includes the latest solutions for coke storage and sea jetty construction, and it will involve over 60% of the existing refinery.

The location of this latter, all erected along the cliff side on several levels and multiple terraces, is only one of the challenges!