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Lotos Refinery, Gdansk - EFRA Project: First Coke!

KT - Kinetics Technology is thrilled to announce that on Thursday September 26th, the new DCU started to deliver the products, LCGO and HCGO, and the following Friday the first coke was grounded by the crusher.

While continuing with decoking cycles, the teams are now working to stabilize the downstream units including the CCSS, a unique and innovative example of complete closed system for coke crushing and handling, implemented to minimize the environmental impact.  

KT is proud of the key role played in this important project, as EPC Contractor, and this achievement is a reward of all the efforts devoted.

We wish to thank Lotos Asfalt for the incredible attitude to work as a single team, demonstrated all along the project, and the support of our partners in this venture, in particular Triplan and  Ruhrpumpen.

We look forward with confidence to the next step of the Test Run and commercial operation of the plant by Lotos.