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KT 50th anniversary

This year we celebrate KT's 50th anniversary!

It's been 50 years of constant evolution, as mentioned by our CEO Pierroberto Folgiero: "The word I like the most and the most relevant one right now is 'evolution'. Being able to evolve is the most important characteristic in nature because it means your DNA is strong, but also that this DNA knows how to transform itself and carve out a space in the future, developing and feeding on the future, starting from the past. KT is a company that has evolved substantially, that has transformed itself, that has demonstrated the capability of being highly adaptive, able to read the change in the ecosystem in which it operates, so evolution is the perfect word for what has happened in KT".

A future built keeping an eye at the younger generations, as confirmed by our Chairman Fabrizio di Amato: "This company is a big family, it does ask a lot but it treats everyone with respect and with a high sense of responsibility and esteem. We are working closely with young people because in order to look at the near future, you have to keep on hiring younger generations, younger talents that will eventually pave the future of KT and of the whole Maire Tecnimont Group".