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INA Rijeka Refinery Project: Heavy Lifting Completion

We are proud to announce that the heavy lifting campaign for INA Rijeka Refinery Upgrade Project has been safely completed!

The Coke Fractionator, the two Coke Drums and the four modules of the Coke Drums Steel Structure have been successfully installed and they are now looking out the bay in front of the Refinery. More than 1800 tons of steel, fabricated in Europe, have been lifted in seven different lifts, by the impressive 1600tons-capacity crane.

A great milestone and our work continue! The equipment will be soon insulated and connected to the piping network on the DCU: around 2500 tons of piping, distributed on three terraces along three main pipe racks.

In the meantime, there are other challenges to face such as the erection of the coke handling system, more than 800 mt long, the erection and casting of the massive concrete silo, around 5400m3 of concrete in total for an heigh of 45mt and a diameter of 35mt and the construction of the jetty, that once completed will be able to accommodate cargo vessels long more than 150 meters!