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Celebrating KT anniversary: 10 years of KT and Maire Tecnimont

In 2010, KT – Kinetics Technology joined Maire Tecnimont Group, starting a new important phase of its history. Today, KT is part of an international Group operating worldwide, global leader in the transformation of natural resources: plant engineering in downstream oil & gas, with technological and execution competences.

KT, sharing with Maire its history, its roots, its technological background, and highly specialized skills, contributed with its know-how, above all in refining, hydrogen and sulphur sectors.

In these ten years, KT has radically changed and has doubled the number of its employees, contributing every day to the research and the development of new technologies, providing costumers tailormade solutions. We are ready to face together future challenges.

“We shared a moment of great joy and satisfaction with all KT colleagues. In these ten years all numbers have grown exponentially in a sector that has faced different difficulties. The company grew by capitalizing on its skills, in synergy with the Group on similar businesses and attracting talent from outside. All this builds a solid and motivating starting point for the new industrial cycle that awaits us”, commented Pierroberto Folgiero, Maire Tecnimont Group CEO.

"I perfectly remember all the steps of KT acquisition ten years ago. Apart from being an excellent investment, its integration within the Group generated value for KT itself and for the other sister companies, with multiplication of volumes and margins. I think it is an almost unique case of both financial and industrial success. I believe it is all thanks to people: I thank the management together with every single employee, and I encourage them to face with the same entrepreneurial character post-Covid period and the energy transition, which is transforming our industry and it is a great opportunity for KT”, concluded Fabrizio Di Amato, Maire Tecnimont Chairman.