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Project Update: Revamp of SRU II – Groupa Lotos Refinery (Gdansk – Poland): Achievement of Performance Test Certificate

This Summer the Performance Test of Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) II has been successfully completed demonstrating that all Performance Guarantees have been achieved by the Unit.

Consequently, Groupa LOTOS S.A. has formally issued to KT-Kinetics Technology the Provisional Acceptance Certificate. The scope of the contract, signed on December 01, 2015, includes the Engineering, Procurement, Supply of Thermal Reactor Burners and Technical Assistance for the Revamp of SRU II.

The Unit object of the revamp was previously designed and built by KT on an EPC basis and started up on 2009. Facing an overall expansion of the refinery, which implies an increase in the amount of amine acid gas to be treated, the existing facilities have proved to be not suitable to satisfy the new plant needs in terms of sulphur recovery.

Client expectation was to increase the sulphur production of about 50% of the design capacity without compromising the regular production of the refinery, thus all the modifications on field were to be carried within the plant turnaround period of one month.

This has made KT task even more challenging because it implied a “time oriented” design: all the activities had to be oriented toward a minimum impact philosophy and construction time was of paramount importance in the selection of the revamping activities to be done.

After an accurate feasibility study, in which all the options were investigated, the use of enriched air (oxygen concentration below 28% by volume) in the thermal reactor burner was selected.

All the engineering modifications to the unit have been developed to minimize the impact on the existing systems and to fulfil the important target of no production losses despite the revamping activities.

As a result, the sulphur production capacity increased from 150 TPD (tons per day) to 236 TPD.

The project has been completed on time and without deviation on the process guarantees ensured prior to capacity increase, confirming KT’s prominent position in the worldwide market of the sulphur recovery technology.