KT- Kinetics Technology is an international Process Engineering Contractor with high expertise in hydrocarbon processing industry. The company operates as a provider of proprietary technologies and as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contractor in the chemical, and oil & gas complexes. KT has significant references in the field of Sulphur Recovery Facilities, Gas Processing, Hydrogen and Syngas Production, Refinery Process Units and the supply of Process Fired Heaters.

With its own proprietary known-how and expertise, KT is an experienced EPC Contractor for Refinery Licensed Catalytic Units: Delayed Coker Complex, Vacuum Distillation, Hydrocracker Complex,  Hydrotreater (HDT), and others. Based on its strong process engineering background, it boasts major expertise in projects implementation and can provide services and projects based, whenever required, on third-party licensed technologies.

Since 1971, KT has successfully completed more than 500 projects, with a continuous evolution from process engineering to EPC contracts, improving its core competences and know-how as well as developing and updating in-house technologies.