Processi Innovativi

Processi Innovativi, a company owned by KT - Kinetics Technology, provides process services for the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas environmental and energy industries, ranging from basic activities through to high quality technical consulting services.

Processi Innovativi has a team of specialists ready to work for developing next generation technologies, to offer new products to the market, to increase productivity and product quality and to improve on the end results.

Why do you need to manage the development of a chemical process? Simple: it is the key to move from a conceptual/experimental stage to a proper structural scheme, the first step to turn your idea into a real business opportunity and determine the necessary investment and expected return.

When you examine companies that succeed in chemical process development you find that they share some common patterns in at least two areas of core competences: process design and project management.

A group of recognized international process specialists coupled with satellite engineering research and university top centers make Processi Innovativi your partner for developing and testing new processes, optimizing existing processes and for the overall management of projects.