About us

KT - Kinetics Technology is highly specialized in sulphur recovery units (SRU), hydrogen production from steam reforming of hydrocarbons, refinery fired heaters and other services for the refining and petrochemical industry.

The Company is a leader in licensing and supplying SRU ancillary units, with more than 60 projects completed worldwide in the last 10 years, ranging from small units to world-scale sulphur production capacity. It has proprietary technologies for gas sweetening and tail gas treatment (RAR technology) and provides customized engineering solutions in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations. Having designed and supplied more than 60 reforming units, KT is one of the leading providers of hydrogen units based on steam reforming, able to supply plants with capacities of up to 180,000 Nm3/hour in a single line.

Since 1971, KT has supplied more than 1,700 equipment items, including vertical cylindrical heat oil heaters, large topping or vacuum furnaces, and advanced furnaces for ethylene crackers and large steam reformers, including their use in direct reduction of iron ones. With its own proprietary known-how and expertise, the Company is capable of executing projects of any size for the worldwide process industries. Based on its strong process engineering background, it boasts major expertise in project implementation in these sectors and can provide services and projects based on third-party licensed technologies.